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“Meinert Law focuses on building and maintaining a well-rounded & dynamic long-term relationship with each and every client.”

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“Relentless-Unstoppable-Responsible-Reliable-Humorous-Honest. These adjectives describe Michael’s life both inside and outside the courtroom. Michael has assisted me with several legal issues and with each issue he has exemplified himself by offering sound legal advice, characterized by being: relentless in his pursuit of an objective, unstoppable when facing barriers, responsible in his risk assessment & cost analysis, reliable in achieving the most favorable outcome at the most favorable cost, humorous in his approach to law & life, honest in all he does, and exhibits the highest degree of integrity. Michael has my highest recommendation! − S.M.
Mike was super responsive to my first attempt to contact him, even though it was on a weekend. He returned my call on a Sunday and then after I sent email correspondence to Mike, he confirmed receipt of the documents and provided a very fair and clear timeline of getting back to me with the responses I desired. He followed through on his commitments and was able to provide me with everything I needed in a professional manner. He showed genuine concern for the situation and the long term outcome that he felt was best for all parties involved. No question about his professionalism and knowledge of the law, but he also showed great people skills and offered a few different routes to take depending on how I decided to move forward with my predicament. I would not hesitate to ask Mike for future legal advice and thank him for his efforts to help me. − J.T.
Michael is a rare person. He is very intelligent, competent, and is truly a caring person. He helped me through a difficult legal situation involving a neighbor over a block wall and drainage problem. Every bit of information or advice Michael gave was correct. Not once did he steer me wrong. He has also given me advice on a separate occasion about construction contracts when a builder was attempting to change an agreement. His sound advice and word choice settled the matter with one phone call. I have complete confidence in Michael and trust him with any of my legal affairs. − J.C.
Michael’s expertise was exactly what we needed after our newly installed roof caused one of our existing walls to crack away from the foundation/home. He responded to our request with a sense of urgency and guided us in an honest and professional manner. We had no idea about our rights in regard to our homeowner’s insurance and in regard to dealing with our roofing contractor. Michael quickly interpreted our situation and gave us lots of options to consider and helped us weigh out how we wanted to proceed. We wouldn’t ever hesitate to call Michael again in the future and we’d happily recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance. − T.D.
Constructing a home is by far one of the largest and most important investments a person will ever make. On at least 3 occasions I have consulted with attorney Michael Meinert on legal matters for several projects and investments. I trust his years of expertise and guidance. What I like about Michael is that he provides his opinions in a clear and direct manner, which is extremely refreshing considering the usual circular discussions one has when consulting an attorney. I trust Michael and would highly recommend his services. I do not enter into a contract or contemplate a project without his review. I have made that mistake before and won’t let it happen again. − D.D.
Michael is a cognizant of construction and consumer law. He has provided services concerning general contractors withholding payment. He has also provided his services concerning harassment from a former employer. Michael has helped remove unnecessary stress from my plumbing and heating business. Thank you. − D.E.
“I would 100% recommend Meinert Law if you run into issues with old/bad debt/creditors. I had some credit issues and debt that I thought had probably gone away. I had never seen a judgment appear on my credit report and most of my old debt had completely fallen off of my credit report anyway. So you can imagine how surprised/distressed/embarrassed I was when I received a wage garnishment notification from my employer in the mail which was going into effect that next Friday (so four days from when I got the notice in the mail). I had no idea what to do. Thankfully, I was referred to Meinert Law. Michael sprang into action right away and got the garnishment removed almost within 24 hours of me approaching him about this. Throughout the process, he was kind, approachable and didn’t judge me for this personal matter I was very honestly judging myself about. A wage garnishment is an embarrassing and stressful thing to have to go through and Michael quickly and swiftly took care of the problem for me. I would absolutely come to him again with this type of issue and have him handle the situation. In fact, this particular judgement is being vacated altogether. Thank you Meinert Law!!” – J.D.
“Michael Meinert is an attorney who truly cares about people and is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He went way beyond the call of duty to help me with my specific problem. On other issues I had, he provided numerous referrals whom I could contact. I highly encourage anyone to use Michael for all their legal needs. He is a person I will encourage anyone I know to contact to resolve any issue they may have. He is one in a million!” – S.S.
“Thank you Meinert Law for your assistance! I know I felt we were in capable hands after we first spoke with you and I will certainly recommend you to anyone needing an attorney.” – K.S.
“I started my search for an attorney to assist me with a credit & consumer issue using Avvo.com As you know, the rule of thumb is to always get opinions from 3 sources. Well I was originally disappointed when the only response was from Mr. Meinert. Upon initially speaking to him & also meeting him, my disappointed quickly turned to jubilation! I quickly realized that I was not dealing with the typical attorney who doesn’t care enough to give you the necessary time & attention to address your situation simply because it’s not worth their time. Mr. Meinert made me feel like I was a billion dollar client! The consultation exceeded the time limit for a free consultation & he didn’t ask for a single penny. In fact I offered to pay because I firmly believe that everyone’s time is valuable, & he declined it. I’ve never experienced that from an attorney. Here’s my honest advice for you: if you want an attorney who only cares about how much they can milk your hard earned money or will not give you the proper respect because your issue is not worth their time then Mr. Meinert is NOT for you! If you are looking for an honest, ethical, intelligent, & experienced attorney that will have your best interest as the number 1 priority then Mr. Meinert is the perfect attorney for you.” – A.D.

*Please note that the initials may have been changed to maintain the client’s confidentiality.