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Practice Areas:

  • Construction Law:

    Meinert Law is a one-stop shop for legal services with all aspects of construction and beyond: from beginning your business, building your business, bidding, contracts, and insurance to the intricacies of working with developers, general contractors, and subcontractors. I understand critical path, payment and liens issues that arise, along with the intricacies of your projects. Should a problem arise, I am skilled at handling your suits, claims, insurance issues, and defense.

  • Consumer Law:

    Meinert Law understands that it is a difficult economic time, and no one is immune. When creditors and collection agencies begin to call, knowing your rights and how to best protect yourself is important. Many creditors and collection agencies bully consumers with harassing and humiliating tactics. Meinert Law, Federal Laws, and more often than not State Laws, are on your side to ensure the harassment, humiliation, and bullying stops.

  • General Practice:

    Meinert Law provides “grass-roots” common sense counseling to simply help people. The goal is to provide top-notch service, or direct them to the help they need if Meinert Law is not the best fit.

Meinert Law’s Approach:

  • Organized Attack

    Meinert Law works diligently to provide comprehensive and efficient representation in any situation.

  • Practical Advice

    Meinert Law provides practical, common sense options to solve even the most difficult of situations.

  • Communication

    Meinert Law works tirelessly to not only communicate, but be available to the client and quickly react to the client’s needs.

  • Vigilance

    Meinert Law looks out for the client’s interest in an overall, multi-faceted approach to protect the client.

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